The cost of watching TV

What is the cost of a TV? When I ask people this question, I am told that I can buy one second-hand for £25, or I can pay £2,500 for an 80 inch state-of-the-art modern TV, or anywhere in between.

However, let’s look at that question again! What is the cost of a TV? To be clear, I did not say, how much does it cost to buy a TV? The truth is that the cost of buying a TV is virtually nothing compared to the cost of owning one.

The numbers show that the average hours spent watching traditional television every day have fallen since 2021. That year, viewers spent an average of three hours and 16 minutes, watching traditional TV every day. This fell by six minutes, to three hours and 10 minutes) in 2022, and this number continues to fall.

Why? Because we are spending more time ‘playing’ of our phone, on social media, playing computer games, etc. The bottom line is that we waste a significant amount of time watching TV or playing on our mobile devices.

So, let’s take a look at your TV viewing. Let’s say you are better than most, and instead of 3 hours and 10 minutes, you only watch 2 hours per day. That is 14 hours per week, or 60 hours per month based on a 30 day month. My question is: are you spending your time in the best possible way?

So many people say that they don’t have the time to go down the gym, take up a new sport, learn more by reading a book, or taking a training course. Business owners tell me that they don’t have the time to learn how to read a balance sheet, write a business plan, or do their own marketing.

Perhaps if they did not spend so much time watching TV, and playing on their phones, they would have the time to do the important things in life like looking after their health, family, relationships, finances, business, skills and knowledge, etc.

So in summary, the true cost of watching TV if you pay yourself £50,000 per year = £4,166 per month, divided by 20 days = £208.33 per day. Divide this by 7 hours per day = £29.76 per hour x 60 hours per month = £1,785.71 per month, or £21,428.57 per year to watch TV.

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