How to get on the first page on google under a specific niche by Steve Mills

Last week set myself a challenge in front of Results Mastery group members. The challenge was to get onto the first page on Google under a specific niche within 14 days.

The niche and keywords I selected was ‘marketing advice on the Isle of Wight’.

I implemented my system and six days later I found myself not only on the first page but at No.1.

There I was – right under the paid-for advertising. It took me less than 30 minutes to do this and I did it for no cost at all. By the way, I am not an SEO expert!

Watch this video to see my results…

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Steve Mills
Steve, a former international sportsman, is now a leading sales, marketing, and business growth advisor, coach, and trainer. He is the author of four books and frequently speaks to audiences in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the USA, Switzerland, Ireland, and the UK. Through his "Parthenon of Business Results" approach and use of various business growth tools, Steve helps clients improve their effectiveness and results, as well as create new streams of income. He is a member of the Professional Speakers Association (PSA) and International Speaking Federation, and has established a reputation as a successful speaker through his numerous appearances on TV and radio and his ability to help people at all levels achieve significant measurable results.

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